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Direct Metal Sintering (DMS)

ProX™ 100

The ProX™ range of Direct Metal Sintering (DMS) 3D printers builds on 3D Systems' stellar laser sintering capabilities by incorporating 10 years of research and development in metal 3D printing. 

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ProX™ 100 Dental

The ProX™ 100 Dental system enables you to use Direct Metal Sintering (DMS) to produce high-quality, metal dental prostheses, which can be directly used by dental laboratories. 

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ProX™ 200

The latest addition to the ProX™ range, the ProX 200 integrates a powerful laser adapted to an intermediary production volume for the streamlined manufacturing of precise, medium-sized metal parts. 

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ProX™ 300

3D Systems brings its legendary reliability and repeatability to production-level Direct Metal Sintering (DMS) with the ProX™ 300 3D printer. 

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ProX™ 200 Dental

The ProX™ 200 Dental brings the power of laser sintering to the production of metal dental parts using Cobalt Chromium. This high-performance, high-quality alternative to traditional manufacturing processes offers reduced waste, greater speeds for product 

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