Folding Systems

Time is Money

KIP folding and finishing systems automate wide-format document folding requirements by providing folding, stacking and collation in a compact design. KIP online folders intelligently communicate with KIP printers and are fully integrated with KIP software applications and printer drivers to provide seamless workflow integration.

Output from KIP printers is folded and stacked at full engine speed, allowing for easy document binding or distribution by mail. A reliable and durable belt stacking system ensures maximum packet capacity. Flat output stacking is included as a standard feature. Users may conveniently designate all fan and packet fold preferences at their workstation before printing.

Fold Styles and Orientation

KIPFold systems feature the flexibility to fold documents exactly as desired, regardless of the paper orientation. Prints are accepted in either landscape or portrait format, allowing for fast and efficient folding operations. In addition, users may specify the output orientation of the folded packet as it comes out of the KIPFold product. For example, a print that enters the KIPFold in a landscape orientation may be easily folded into a portrait style packet!

KIPFold Features:

  • Precision document folding
  • Operates at full print engine speed
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Online and offline folding capability
  • Fully integrated with KIP software
  • Touchscreen user interface
  • Compact footprint