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Able to scan an incredible 135 double-sided pages per minute! (300 dpi)

Use of high speed CCD image sensors along with the latest in image processing circuitry enables the fi-5950 to scan colour letter documents at a speedy 135 ppm/270 ipm (300 dpi). Incorporating all of this technology into the fi-5950 enables it to digitize an incredible one hundred thousand pages a day.

Efficient pre and post scanning processing!

The fi-5950's ability to scan mixed batch documents containing paper of varying sizes, weights and colours virtually eliminates pre-scanning preparation needs. Also, the fi-5950 is equipped with an "active stacking tray" that automatically maintains a constant height, ensuring that scanned documents are always stacked in a neat and orderly fashion. The result is ever greater scanning efficiency for the user.

Eliminates multi-feed caused lost scanning time

The fi-5950 is armed with ultrasonic multi-feed detection sensors that detect whenever two or more sheets of paper have been simultaneously fed into the scanner. These sensors detect multi-feeds, even when scanning mixed batches containing paper of varying weights, sizes, colours and tones. The intelligent multi-feed function on the fi-5950 allows it to reliably feed documents with notes attached without triggering false alarms.

Image processing functions

The included Virtual ReScan (VRS) and unique image processing board enables users to:

  • Convert documents containing coloured backgrounds or shaded areas into highly legible monochrome images.
  • Automatically delete blank pages, rotate images so that each one is facing the proper orientation and automatically control contrast.
  • Suppress background noise and gradation to generate cleaner images that require less file size.
  • Create excellent images - even if they are not imaging experts.

Pre and post imprinter options

Imprinter options have been offered for users with demanding document management and verification needs. The fi-5950 supports both pre-imprinter (which prints on the front side of documents) and post-imprinter (which prints on the reverse-side of documents) options, both of which will greatly increase scanner usability.

1 year on-site warranty

Get peace of mind. The fi-5950 comes standard with a 1 year on-site warranty. For additional coverage, 3 year remedial maintenance and preventative maintenance services are also available.