ProJet 6000/7000

ProJet 6000 SD (2014)

The ProJet 6000 range of 3D printers offer fast and high quality SLA printing with exceptional ease-of-use. These 'crossover' printers deliver very high part quality for the toughest applications. 

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ProJet 6000 HD (2014)

The ProJet 6000 HD 3D printer offers fast and high quality SLA printing with exceptional ease-of-use. 

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ProJet 7000 SD (2014)

The ProJet 7000 SD professional printer tackles direct manufacturing applications and produces accurate master models with excellent surface area and push-button simplicity. 

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ProJet 7000 HD (2014)

The ProJet 7000 HD crossover SLA printer provides better detail accuracy and resolution than any comparable technology, including the practical flexibility of three build modes and fine build layers. 

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