Équipement dentaire

ProJet 3510 DP

The ProJet™ 3510 DP is transforming the use of 3D printing for the rapid production of direct investment casting patterns for virtually any geometry. 

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ProJet 1200

The ProJet® 1200 is ideal for small, precise, detail-rich parts and casting patterns, such as jewelry, electronic components and dental wax-ups. Smaller than most coffee makers and faster than baking a cake, this new printer is economical to own, safe to 

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ProJet 3510MP

The ProJet 3510 MP dental 3D printer offers extended, unattended operation for use in labs with same-day processing to reduce time and cost. 

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ProJet 6000MP

The ProJet 6000 MP is the perfect companion in the growing field of digital dentistry and computer-aided medical applications. 

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ProJet 7000MP

The ProJet 7000 MP printer ensures the success of your dental and medical manufacturing applications with fine feature detail, accuracy and repeatability. 

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